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What Makes the Best Hair Straightener.

If you want to look neat always, one of the things that you must always have by your side is a hair straightener. A good hair straightener can serve you for a long time and that means, a long period of nice-looking hair. Different hair straighteners are available on the market and thus, do not assume that any of them will work for you. For that reason, you must pick the best hair straightener and here are some useful tips that will go a long way to guide you in purchasing an ideal hair straightener.

Identify the right shape. It might sound absurd because most people know that hair straighteners are of same shape yet they are not. Some of them are flat all through while others have slightly rounded edges. The rounded edges result in smooth operation while the straight ones might be a bit cumbersome to work with.

Consider the width of plate. The wide the plate, the better it is in straightening your hair. However, they might be big such that they cannot fit in your bag if you intend to travel with them. For purposes of traveling, you can choose a slightly narrow plate. Furthermore, you might not need a wide plate hair straightener which produces a lot of heat that can damage you soft hair. Therefore, identify the right size of hair straightener depending on your needs.

Know which plates are best. A lot of people assume that all hair straighteners are made of same materials yet they are not. Every metal plate has unique characteristics which make it suitable for specific types of hair. So, do not rush to pick a hair straightener when you do not know the metal it is made of. Titanium offers the best heat distribution but its downside is that it is expensive. Ceramic iron works for various hair types but the ceramic shade off leaving the iron which heats and can damage your hair. If you hair is badly damaged, then it is recommendable to go for the Tourmaline plates which produce more negative ions than positive thus, minimizing frizz and sealing the hair shaft.

Consider the temperature. Heat is good for hair straighten, but when it is excess, it can be detrimental. To avoid the risk of damaging your hair, you should opt for a hair straightener with an adjustable heat setting enabling you to use just enough heat to straighten your hair.

Price also plays an integral part in determine the best hair straightener. In most cases, cheap hair straighteners are not the best and they are likely to cause more damage than good. Look for the best quality hair straightener at an affordable rate.

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